Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wingspan for February

Pure Canadian fantasy: Canadian locales, Canadian characters and Canadian...gryphons?

Although my ten year old says shape shifting gryphons are 'nerdy-nerdy' compared to shifting dragons (nerdy) and shifting ninja-cows (epic) I'm shoulders deep in the first draft.

Here's the blurb:

"Jenn Klein was raised in the human world unaware of her gryphon heritage or the legacy before her. Devastated by the death of her twin brother, she makes the uncharacteristic decision to find emotional connection with a stranger, a man she knows only as Talon in the cave-like sleeper cab of his rig. But no sooner is she introduced to the gryphon world they’re meant to share than she’s violently taken and forced to fight, delicately balancing the human she knows with the world of the gryphons.

Born and reared a proud warrior, Talon’s life takes the turn of most male gryphons; that of a rogue, existing in both the human world and on the fringes of his adopted Rocky Mountain eyrie. After proving himself to the beautiful but emotionally damaged rogue female in his truck they part ways. He’s haunted by her presence in his heart until they’re reunited in his eyrie. When she’s torn from his arms he’ll stop at nothing to have the woman he now calls Shadow returned to his side."

I've had a ton of fun researching gryphons and working the lore into their culture and personalities. Includes a French-Canadian cabbie complete with the amazing accent and Canadian-isms such as "to boot" (or ta butt depending on how close to the east coast you are,) magic, sky battles, and romance.

And yes, as usual, my heroine rides a motorcycle =)

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