Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review of Shopping Carts of Nanaimo

I'm not giving this book a rating because Michael is my husband and I've been involved with his efforts for the past year. My bias for this project is total as I've watched him fall in love with photography all over again as he embraced this project with ever growing passion.

The hardest part was choosing the photographs to be used, going from thousands down to about a hundred and forty. I spot shopping carts everywhere I go now not only out of habit but also out of a strange fondness for the wheeled things I'd never thought that much about.

The pictures are beautiful and are a great representation of our home city and the sites I've grown up in and around. As he notes in the introduction shopping carts are our modern day donkeys, used for everything from moving to shopping and even work for many who keep our streets clean of cans and bottles to earn a simple income. Each picture tells a story amazingly framed in the 'natural' surroundings of an abandoned or working shopping cart. Covering four seasons, the book has an industrial feel, cityscapes, streets and bus stops. Shopping malls, optimism and neglect and in places humour.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the local foodbank. It is currently available on Amazon.

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