Sunday, 26 July 2015

Don't park under the big lights.

So I came out of Walmart to find the car had been hit by the biggest sugar honey iced tea I'd ever seen. It covered half the front window on the passenger side and appeared to disable one of the wipers.
My daughter and I fled home in case whatever caused the damage returned to make a second pass.
Honestly, if we'd been in the car we may have been hurt.
When we got home we found not only was the front window impacted, the entire roof was covered in splotches and it managed to get every single window on the car.
I'm impressed.
I asked my daughter if she thought it was an ostrich but she rolled her thirteen year old eyes and patiently explained ostriches don't fly.
I suggested a pterodactyl and she considered the idea, nodded and agreed it could be the culprit.
So if you're shopping at Walmart, don't park under the big lights. They are sturdy enough to bear the weight of what I would guess is an adult pterodactyl.

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