Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The gryphons have flown! So what's next?

Well, for starters taxes. Plenty of grumbling and head scratching but after a day of digging through a mountain of paper its done!

Next up I have several projects...

Deadly Obsessions, the fourth in the Anna trilogy. The story follows a grown up Camille who like her mother is a magnet for trouble.

SkyFall, the second in the Taken on the Wing series which follows Cloud and Soar on a secret mission. The city eyries have been playing dirty to take control of the Grand Council and weaken the traditional eyries like that of Talon and Shadow. (oh no!) I've found the photo I want of my Cloud and Soar and will be revealing the cover in the coming month or two.

Rovian Descent is a Science Fiction romance. No super powers, but lots of suspense and action. Mars plus organized crime.

Last is Chalice Dragon Valley a mid-grade fantasy with a young tough hero whose devotion to his family will melt your heart.

And finally I'm planning a Rafflecopter giveaway like the one I just entered for Stay with Me by AC Marchman. I'm planning copies of my books, gryphon mugs and if I get really wild a Kindle or Kobo mini.

Happy May Day!

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