Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thank you!

I'm rehashing old thoughts here as I take a break from my new project.  It's really taking wings and I'm very excited to be taking a momentary break from the Chronicles of Anna.  However, Anna is always in the back of my mind.  I am 40,000 words into book 4, Deadly Obsessions but I wanted to make sure book 4 is a complete departure from the main characters.  Anna, Paul and Jack may come back or they may not.

No, it was better to let them be for awhile.  I needed to close the book on them and let the dust settle for a bit before moving forward with Camille.  I hope that the family diagram for the book has been helpful.  It is not an easy book to follow I think for some, especially those looking for a quick fix.  I suppose it does that too but there is a bit of the Godfather in the Chronicles of Anna, the family.

Hopefully this has been a help to everyone.
We will soon have it up on the website but I didn't want to put it up somewhere too obvious and make those beginning the journey with Anna and Paul in Deadly Expectations figure out some of the ending and some of the beginning of book two and three.

I wanted to take a second and thank Sony, Amazon, Kobo and iBooks for their amazing creations that allow new authors, unproven authors, authors with unique ideas let their words take flight by placing them in their virtual stores.  What an amazing world we are about to invent here.  So many books, like songs, have a required rhythm or expected journey that traditional publishers have felt safe with.  A formula.  I feel that writing is going to enjoy a new beginning.  That we are entering a period of time very much like music was entering in the 1960s.  So many different ideas and characters and plot lines and wonderful imaginative flights are taking to the skies.

I hope that I can continue to allow the creative process to flow through me and into my keyboard as a way to express myself and please the characters I have created.  I wish for nothing else.  Except for you to join me on these future journeys.

My newest creation has just sprung to life.  What an amazing time this is.  Exhaustion from the last book and yet this new one demands my time.  Already the plot lines and character lines have taken shape.  I am surprised at how quickly this has formed.  Now I, like you, will sit back and see where they venture and who they become.

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